INACSA's exclusive process is clean and respectful of the environment. We use only recyclable, organic raw materials and transform them into yarn in a system where emissions are minimal and most of the acetone used during production is recovered.

INACSA's Raw Materials

At INACSA we care for our environment, we only use components that are originated from reforestation programs.


  • We use natural, organic Wood Pulp
  • Our materials are Biodegradable, Non-Cancerous or Mutagenic
  • Ranked as not dangerous by the NIOSH/OSHA

Our Process

INACSA is committed to offering an excellent product while still being respectful of the planet’s resources, this is why our process is:


  • Non hazardous and environmentally friendly.
  • Clean and respectful — Emissions are minimal and we recover most of the materials used during production
  • Recyclable and eco-sustainable.

Minimal Impact to the Environment

Our unique process allows our yarns to be dissolved and reused over and over, producing minimal impact to the environment.

  • We do not produce hazardous emissions
  • Our process is not harmful for the environment
  • We require very low water consumption