Our yarns are made of cellulose, a natural and organic compound. They are recyclable, durable, easy to work with, and breathable. Their unique, gentle properties as well as their dimensional stability make them optimal to be used for top quality products in the fashion and high tech industries.

INACSA's Yarns are

  • For Warp
  • For Weft
  • For Knitting
  • For Trimming
  • For Special Applications

Our Greencel Concept

  • Our Greencel Yarns are of natural origin, recyclable, and ideal for a multitude of uses because of their unique qualities.
  • Greencel Yarn is environmentally friendly in its origin, its process, and its final product as well. We are committed to respecting and preserving nature and the environment.
  • Greencel yarn is smooth, silky and gentle to the skin. Garments made with our yarn provide a luxurious feel, dimensional stability, and an elegant drape.

For more info on Greencel please visit greencel.es

Our Products

  • INALON (blend of Greencel/ Poliamide) for Weaving or Knitting
  • Twisted Yarn
  • Can be Bright or Dull, Black or Colored
  • Offer a full range of products and stock service
  • INACSA also offers our customers the possibility to work on custom made products to satisfy their specific needs.

Please contact us for more information.