In accordance with the mission of Industrias del Acetato de Celulosa, S.A. The main objective of our quality policy is to offer maximum efficiency, both at product level and at customer service level.

For this purpose, General Management is committed to providing the necessary human and material resources to:

a) Ensure compliance with the client’s requirements.
b) Have reliable sources of knowledge.
c) Guarantee compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements of the product.
d) Continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.
e) Motivate staff to participate actively in said improvement.
f) Keep the training of personnel updated in order to carry out the activities entrusted to them.

In order to ensure that this Quality Policy is put into practice and up to date, General Management is committed to defining Quality Objectives, consistent with this policy, and to periodically reviewing the system to ensure its effectiveness.

The guidelines for action stemming from the Quality Policy are set out in the Documentary Index, which constitutes, together with the documentation that is derived from it, a guide and a permanent point of reference for our organization in terms of Quality.

Miquel de Paz
June 2018